Graphite Gaskets

You can benefit from our decades of experience in the manufacturing of graphite gaskets for the automotive industry.

Graphite has become known for its ability to withstand high temperatures and highly corrosive environments, along with its excellent sealing properties, making it the perfect material when dealing with your automotive needs.

We have a selection of graphite gaskets available for you, using variations of a rough surface or a smooth surface, each offering a different performance.

Graphite less likely to crack

Leading truck exhaust and car exhaust manufacturers praise our knitted wire mesh and graphite gaskets combinations. By combining our knitted wire mesh with the graphite part, this enhances the structural security of the graphite part without affecting its high resistance against heat exposure and corrosion. The outer layer of mesh allows for a dynamic slip, making the graphite less likely to crack as you tighten it within a band clamp.



Mesh reinforced graphite also available

We also have the option for pure graphite or mesh reinforced graphite parts should these be more preferable for you. Mesh reinforced graphite has a layer of mesh within the part as opposed to an outer-layer of mesh, securing the part without affecting the strong sealing properties of the graphite.

These gaskets are available in many different shapes and sizes to fit to your v-band clamp or band clamp shapes. Our innovative design team are always on hand to assist you with any bespoke gaskets that you require. Contact us today for more information, a quote or to get the design process started.