Separation Rings

Flexible knitted wire mesh separation rings to suit any size or shape of monoliths.

In a ‘twin brick’ converter assembly, a device is needed to maintain a constant gap between the front and rear monoliths.

Conventionally, this has involved a pressed metal (usually Inconel) clip, which can have a tendency to creep with thermal expansion and lift away from its seating position on the edges of the monolith. This allows turbulent gas to travel underneath the clip causing erosion and degradation of the expanding mat.

A flexible solution to the problems of thermal expansion

Flexible knitted wire mesh separation rings overcome all of the above problems. A knitted component does not expand and lift the intumescent mat, nor does it ‘chip’ the edges of the ceramic monolith, it is very easy to assemble and is very cost-effective.

Current products are available for a gap up to 30mm including sealed holes to allow for a gas sensor assembly.

To further improve the thermal and sealing properties, knitted man-made fibres can be incorporated within the body of the component.

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