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Catalytic Support Systems Ltd.

We are a member of the Knitwire Group, specialising in knitted wire mesh products for the automotive industry. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact our Innovative Mesh Design team now.

Tel: 0044 (0) 1928 566344     email: info@knitwire.com

Assorted compressed components for Anti Vibration Mesh

Anti Vibration Mesh

Knitted wire mesh, either in the form of rope or compressed component, is very suitable for high temperature applications … [More…]

Compressed Spacer Rings for Air Gap Spacers and Cushion Pipes

Compressed Spacer Rings

Air Gap or “Twin Wall” pipes are often used for the manufacture of insulated down pipes … [More…]

Separation Rings for the automotive industry

Separation Rings

We can provide flexible knitted wire mesh separation rings to suit any size or shape of monoliths … [More…]

Supplier of the Year awards

Our Valued “Best Supplier of the Year” Awards

The directors of the highly successful Knitwire Group of Companies established Catalytic Support Systems Limited (CSS) in 1990. The aim was to have a separate company specialising in knitted wire components for the automotive industry. Over 45 years experience in the wire industry … [More…]

Wire mesh DPF seals

DPF Seals

Wire mesh gaskets are a very important item in the assembly of DPF and SCR units. Further to protecting the intumescent … [More…]

Recent News Items

Euro 6 News Article Catalytic Support Systems

We all know that the European standard Euro 6 was implemented in September 2015 in order to lower emissions and regulate the levels of Nitrogen Oxide, Carbon Monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulate matter that is generated from van and car exhaust emissions. This is an issue that Catalytic Support Systems Ltd. feels passionately about, as it is promoting sustainability and helping to save our planet. Euro 6 states that petrol emissions should ...


Knitwire Opens New Wire Supplying Company – Wire International

Here at Knitwire, we have noticed a gap in the market that is massively failing small businesses. Many wire suppliers charge very high premiums and have large minimum order quantities. Wire International aims to provide for small businesses with a flexible approach by offering a minimum order quantity of just one spool! Since Knitwire has been in operation for 43 years, we have gained access to extremely low prices, therefore allowing us ...


Site Expansions

When the Knitwire Group first moved over to Runcorn 15 years ago, we instantly expanded our new factory by 50% in order to ensure that we had enough room for all of our production equipment. We never thought that we would be looking towards another expansion, yet here we are! Having outgrown our original expansion, we are now expanding our factory by a further 1/3rd of its current size! The growing ...



After the unfortunate disappearance of Bingo, hosted by Stephen, we are pleased to announce that Bingo will now be back up and running, hosted by Spike and Declan! If you have any queries regarding this then speak to Spike or Dec, and remember, you have to be in it to win it. Good luck!


Our Sister Company Knitwire Products Now Sponsors The “Moore Mini” Rugby Youth Team

Our Sister Company Knitwire Products Now Sponsors The “Moore Mini” Rugby Youth Team

We are very pleased to report that, together with 3 other companies, our sister company "Knitwire Products" is now sponsoring the “Moore Mini” rugby youth team. The Moore Mini team are part of the “Gentlemen of Moore Rugby Union Football Club” which is based in Moore Village, near Warrington, Cheshire. Their kit – which is also shared with Sandymoor High School rugby youth team - is sponsored by Knitwire Products and: LJ ...


Knitwire Global Agents

Global Agents

We have established Agent representation in a number of global locations; if you would to make contact with one of … [More…]

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Knitwire Products

We are a member of the ‘Knitwire’ group of companies, specialising in the manufacture of knitted wire mesh products … [More…]

Latest News

Please visit our Latest News “Blog” where you will find a summary of the latest happenings here at Knitwire … [More…]