Following the declaration of a national emergency UK lockdown made by Prime Minister Boris Johnson last night, we would like to assure our customers that we are still in full operation until further notice.

We have added some extra measures on top of those mentioned in our previous company update in order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

  • Factory operating hours have now changed to Monday to Saturday.
  • Our staff force has been split into 2 groups and will work 3 days each.
  • Group 1 will work Monday to Wednesday and Group 2 will work Thursday to Saturday.
  • The group work days will change each week.
  • Staff members will be paid for 4 days a week in an attempt to relieve any financial burdens that this difficult time may cause.
  • Staff members that are able to, have the option to work from home.

We hope that these extra measures will help prevent the spread of Coronavirus, and also help our staff members to comply better with the rules of the UK lockdown.

We are keeping a close eye on staff members that are considered to be at high risk and sending them home when necessary. The health and well-being of our staff force is a high priority when considering any new measures to put in place to comply as best as we can with the UK lockdown.

All staff have been urged to wash their hands are regular intervals, have been provided with the symptoms of the Coronavirus and have been told to report immediately to their line manager should they begin to feel unwell.

Anti-bacterial wipes have been supplied at hand washing stations and outside toilets to encourage people to wipe down any surfaces that they have touched.

We have also supplied hand sanitiser in our reception area for any visitors that we may have on site, including delivery drivers.

We wish everyone the best of health at this difficult time and urge everyone to follow the strict instructions provided by the Prime Minister concerning the UK lockdown to help prevent the spread of the virus.