Our reaction to Coronavirus.

During the recent outbreak of Coronavirus and its emergence in the UK, we have been taking every possible to step to prevent and protect our staff, customers and company.

We are still operating as normal, as per our standard opening times and delivering to as many countries as we possibly can that do not have any strict bans or restrictions in place. We recommend that you check your countries current border status for yourself before making any orders.

All of our staff have been equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to keep their personal hygiene to a high standard.

  • We have stocked up on hand soaps for our bathrooms to ensure that we do not run out due to bulk buying.
  • We have provided all staff with a personal set of tissues.
  • We have supplied biodegradable wipes to wipe down toilet door handles before and after usage.
  • We have displayed signs around the factory to remind staff to wash their hands, and to use tissues to catch any coughs and sneezes.
  • We have provided all staff with a list of symptoms of the Coronavirus and urged them to immediately report to their line manager should they feel unwell.
  • We have stocked what little hand sanitiser we could find in our reception area for any visitors that we may have.

Alongside all of this, our staff always use gloves to protect their hands from stainless steel wire and oil residue, these will also act to protect our products against any germs.

We are doing everything that we possibly can within our power to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. If you have any other helpful tips that you feel we could be implementing into our methods, then please feel free to contact us.

We wish everybody the best of health.