Knitted Wire Mesh Rope

Knitted wire mesh rope is frequently used in the production of low volume work that does not warrant tooling costs for an endless catalyst gasket

Knitted wire mesh rope was traditionally used for manufacturing catalyst end seals before the introduction of endless compressed seals. Rope is inexpensive and can be produced in any size, section, profile, density and length, therefore tooling costs are minimal and rarely charged for.

Rope is frequently used in the production of very low volume work that does not warrant the cost of press tooling. Development engineers can often use knitted wire mesh rope in prototype builds during the development of new catalytic converter systems as a very cheap alternative to pressed seals.

Different permutations of knitted rope can be achieved from, semi-hollow to heavy duty high-density stainless steel or high grade nickel alloy rope to over knitted fine ‘A’ glass, ‘E’ glass, ceramic or other man made fibre.

Air breather pads

Knitted wire mesh pads are produced as filters and breather pads for use in engine oil fume re-circulation, air conditioning systems, slag filters and diffusers for airbag applications.

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