Flexible Couplings and spring loaded ball joints

During assembly line testing of engines, a solution was needed to reduce the high scrap rate encountered from permanent distortion of manifold flanges.

CSS designed and produced a low cost, disposable seal, which was easily located and mounted in the existing assembly between the two mating flanges. Manufactured from 304 stainless steel and flexible graphite, the necessary clamping torque was reduced by 50% eliminating all distortion to the flanges.

The same system is easily adapted for use on OEM and after market applications where leakage through distortion of flanges may occur.

Spring-loaded ball joints

CSS Manufacture a range of high density seals for spring-loaded ball joints. Knitted wire mesh, combined with flexible graphite is typically used in low heat applications whilst a higher grade of stainless steel wire combined with mica may be used for moderate temperatures.

At CSS, we believe that we have designed and produced the quietest, most robust and versatile seal for this application. Manufactured from 310S stainless steel and a high fibre yarn, this development eliminates squeaking and provides virtual leak free sealing at temperatures of 1000°C.

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