Flex Assemblies and Load Supports

Flex Assemblies and Load SupportsKnitted wire mesh rings can be found in most load support assemblies.

Flex Assemblies

Standard braiding typically used on the outer surface of flex assemblies protects from abrasion and reduces noise emissions. Conventional braiding is comparatively expensive to knitted mesh.

CSS produce a knitted wire mesh sleeve, which can either substitute or compliment the braided mesh enabling a reduction in the coverage and cost of braid. The mesh sleeve, if placed beneath the braid, also further reduces any problems associated with vibration.

Load Supports

Knitted wire mesh rings can be found inside the majority of load support assemblies. The mesh ring acts as a bearing between the moving parts, absorbs thermal expansion and helps prevent the assembly from over stretching.

The mesh rings that CSS manufacture for load supports are made in an endless configuration. This guarantees that any possibilities of the mesh unwinding in operation are eliminated.

The most common wire sizes used for load support mesh rings are between Ø0.2mm and Ø0.35mm with densities from 2.5 to 3.5g/cm3. In this application the wire mesh ring has got to be robust enough not to deteriorate, yet not so rigid as to cause damage to the final assembly.

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