DPF Seals and gaskets are a very important item in the design and assembly of truck exhausts, fitted between the joint of the exhaust and the DPF in order to prevent any fumes from escaping. Further to protecting the intumescent support mat, wire mesh gaskets provide additional radial and axial support or just axial support depending on your requirements. If you are looking to design and build a reliable system it is imperative that a wire mesh gasket is included.

We have a range of products available for use in DPF and SCR applications providing solutions for most standard size substrates.

We are currently supplying some of the world’s leading manufacturers of bus, truck, and train exhaust manufacturers.

In order to ensure that we can develop exactly what is required for your Euro 5 and Euro 6 projects, we are currently working closely with these manufacturers.

As well as wire mesh seals and compressed crimp mats we have been declared as having the best quality graphite components and trapezoid gaskets for use in v-band clamps by the worlds leading manufacturers. We can supply these of any size and to a wide variety of shapes.

You can email info@knitwire.com about Catalytic DPF Seals, or you can contact us via telephone.