Air Gap Spacers

Air Gap Spacers or “Twin Wall” pipes are often used for the manufacture of insulated downpipes for both cars and trucks.

Insulation is provided by the air gap between inner and outer pipes, reducing heat loss from the exhaust gas prior to the catalytic converter. This results in improved light-off times.

Knitted wire mesh spacer rings and cushion pipes are situated between the inner and outer pipe acting as a bearing surface, maintaining a constant gap through changes in thermal expansion whilst absorbing and reducing vibration.


Our products are engineered for performance.

The wire diameter, density, and mesh corrugation can be adapted to suit different characteristics and securing methods according to customer requirements. Our team of specialists can assist you in choosing properties such as material type, wire diameter, and mesh corrugation, and density should you be in need of assistance with this.
Our innovative design team is always at hand to help offer solutions to any requirements or problems that you may be experiencing in finding the perfect product. Our air gap spacers are one of our many adaptable products, we urge you to call our team today if you are in need of a specific design and functionality.

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